Milan Furniture Fair 2019

For the seventh consecutive year, we presented at the prestigious Rossana Orlandi Gallery our new products. In this occasion, we show the new PET Lamp Pikul, produced in Thailand with bamboo. Each PET Lamp Pikul is an unique product, the shapes and the patterns of the lamps are standard and the contrary colours are chosen directly by the Thai artisans which apply their traditional pigments freely.

Future Kind by Robert Phillips 2019

The story of the PET Lamp project is inside of the new book of Robert Phillips, “Future Kind: Design by and for the people”.

Madrid Design Festival: Zara Home 2019

On the occasion of the Madrid Design Festival 2019, Álvaro Catalán de Ocón presents in collaboration with Zara Home the project PET Lamp Pikul and an amazing installation of PET Lamp Collection at the windows of the stores of the brand in Hermosilla and Serrano streets.

New Product: PET Lamp Pikul 2019

In 2018, Thailand was the country in charge of interpreting the technique developed by Álvaro Catalán de Ocón to transform PET plastic bottles into lamps. As in previous occasions, through a methodology based on field research, prototyping and on-site workshops the studio of Alvaro Catalán de Ocón has developed a collection of lampshades in collaboration with Traditional Bamboo Handicraft Center, a foundation supported by her Majesty Queen Sirikit that enjoys a distinct reputation in the field of handicrafts in the country.

Maison & Objet Paris 2019

ACdO brings together its complete product collection for the second time and it does it at Maison&Objet Paris, where he will also be presenting the new PET Lamp Pikul collection.

Private Choice Paris 2018

Private Choice, under the direction of Nadia Candet, is an imagined and ephemeral contemporary collection of art and design. The inspired fictional collection of art and design takes place in a Haussmannian apartment, located a stone’s throw away from Grand Palais. The environment of this exceptional space offers a unique experience for discovering and acquiring works of art and design. For the 6th edition, we had the honor of show a special set of PET Lamp Collection.

Milan Furniture Fair 2018

PET Lamp Ramingining, two unique woven ceiling lamps commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, explores one of the purest and best preserved Aboriginal traditions, visual languages and weaving techniques in the heart of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. At the 5th anniversary since its release, the project has finally reached the 5 continents with one of the most adventurous and utmost workshops spread over six weeks.

National Gallery of Victoria Triennial 2017

In December this year, we have released our sixth PET Lamp project, a co-design work with the Indigenous artist weavers from Ramingining, at the National Gallery of Victoria Triennial, Melbourne. PET Lamp Ramingining, two unique woven ceiling lamps commissioned by the Gallery, explore one of the purest and best preserved Aboriginal traditions, visual languages and weaving techniques in the heart of Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.
At the 5th anniversary since its release, the project has finally reached the 5 continents with one of the most adventurous and utmost workshops spread over six weeks. Visit us until 15th of April 2018!

Maison & Objet Paris 2017

PET Lamp was exhibited in Maison & Objet Paris during the September edition of this international fair as part of the ACdO/ stand, which was presenting for the very first time the entire product collection together. For this special occasion we chose a PET Lamp Collection piece, the best way to display the whole story of this incredible project.

Bauhaus Dessau 2017

Throughout this year, you have the opportunity to see together all PET Lamp collections at Bauhaus Dessau, on the occasion of the centenary anniversary of the iconic school. As a fusion of craft and design, PET Lamp was selected to be part of the exhibition called “Craft becomes modern. The Bauhaus in the making” held in the original weaving workshops in the Bauhaus building.

Milan Furniture Fair 2017

For the fifth consecutive year, we have featured a new collection at the prestigious Rossana Orlandi Gallery. The Mapuche collection is the second Chilean one, but this time it achieved shape and colour by the hands of women artisans belonging to the Ñocha Malen Collective. Special thanks to SiStudio and Claudia Hurtado from Ideartesana!

Salone Satellite 2017

SaloneSatellite has just celebrated its 20th anniversary. We have been part of the “SaloneSatellite 20 Years Collection” exhibition, featuring all PET Lamp collections in one stunning setting. We were very honoured to participate into this event dedicated to the designers whose career took off within the Fair.

MasterChef Spain 2017

PET Lamp has been the chosen one to light up the restaurant of MasterChef Spanish talent show during its 5th season. The set of 22 lamps is being part of the restaurant setting built by the artistic director Ulia Loureiro Ishi-Kawa. The show is featured on TVE1 channel every Sunday at 22:05 hours.

Ecoembes R award 2016

PET Lamp receives the Ecoembes R award as finalist in the category of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project, we are so happy to be awarded for our ecological approach!


3.000 Instagram followers 2016

Thank you 3000 Instagram followers! You make this adventure possible!


We are back from Australia! 2016

PET Lamp has been in Ramingining, Australia, developing the next project in collaboration with aboriginal australian artisans. Stay tuned to have more news soon!

Milan Furniture Fair 2016

One more year, we present at Spazio Rossana Orlandi the new projects from PET Lamp. This year we launch the PET Lamp Collection 2016, a new set that includes all the collections to the moment. We also launch the first prototypes from PET Lamp Kyoto, the latest experience in Japan. The setting in the gallery was completed by the Riad tables, also produced and distributed by ACdO.

Exhibition at Centro Cultural La Moneda 2016

First solo exhibition of PET Lamp project in Centro Cultural Palacio de la Moneda, in Santiago de Chile. This great show was displaying all of the collections and experiences of PET Lamp: Eperara Siapidara, Guambianos, Chimbarongo, Mapuche and Abyssinia. Thanks to Diseño Sistudio and Centro Cultural La Moneda for this show!

Trans Design Shanghai Art&Design 2016

Installation at the Biannual Art and Design exhibition in Shanghai, curated by Beatrice Leanza. The mirrored walls reflect the setting and multiply up to infinite the PET Lamp.

Trans Design Shanghai award 2016

As part of the Trans Design Shanghai Art&Design exhibition, we had the unexpected pleasure of receiving the Silver Award of the Committe of Shanghai for Art and Design 2016!


Exhibition at Variopinte showroom 2015

Segundo Rodríguez on the chilean TV! 2015

PET Lamp Chimbarongo in Canal 13 from Chile! A great chance to meet the wicker artisan Segundo Rodriguez and our chilean partner Si Studio.

The 3 collections in BD Madrid 2015

From now on you can find the Eperara-Siapidara, Chimbarongo and Abyssinia collection in this iconic shop of Madrid.

Milk Decoration Cover 2015

We are so happy to be in the cover of this issue from Milk decoration magazine! Merci!

Milan Furniture Fair 2015

PET Lamp in Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano 2015! This spring we launch our latest collection, PET Lamp Abyssinia, made with great artisans from Ethiopia.

PET Lamp in The Conran Shop, London 2015

Come to The Conran Shop and see this lovely display of the Chimbarongo collection.


Heineken space in ARCOmadrid 2015

The chilean collection of PET Lamp was displayed as part of the Heineken space during the latest edition of ARCOmadrid, the main contemporary art fair of Spain. Of course, all the PET bottles are green! Project by Woz'ere for Heineken.

PET Lamp in Piet Hein Eek showroom 2015


bid '14 2014

We are proud to announce that PET Lamp by Alvaro Catalán de Ocón has won the first prize in the category of Design for Development and a special mention in the category Product Design in the latest edition of Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño.

21_21 Design Sight, Tokio 2014

PET Lamp has landed in Japan for the Tokio Design Week, exhibited at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, The Fab Mind exhibition, in the Issey Miyake Foundation building.

PET Lamp in Interdesign, Chile 2014

From now on you will find PET Lamp in Santiago de Chile at Interdesign, surrounded of the best chilean and international design brands.

PET Lamp in Spence&Lyda, Sydney 2014

From now on you can find the Chimbarongo collection of PET Lamp in Spence & Lyda, Australia, as well as the Eperara-Siapidara collection. Don't they look fantastic?

Producto Fresco, Madrid 2014

For the very first PET Lamp Chimbarongo exhibited in Madrid, made in collaboration with Diseño Si Studio.

DELTA Awards 2014

We are happy to announce that PET Lamp has won a DELTA Awards 2014!

Waterweavers exhibition, NYC 2014

Visit Waterweavers at Bard Graduate Center NY until Aug. 10!


Milan Furniture Fair 2014

One more year, PET Lamp was launched at Spazio Rossana Orlandi during the Milan International Furniture Fair 2014. The new PET Lamp CHIMBARONGO, developed in collaboration with Diseño Sistudio, welcomed the visitors with an installation of 18 lamps at the entrance of the main patio and displayed all over the space.

AD Prize 2014

Congratulations! The designer of PET Lamp Alvaro Catalán de Ocón has won one of the AD prizes 2014 by AD España!

Designs of the Year 2014

We are happy to announce that PET Lamp has been selected to be part of the exhibition DESIGNS OF THE YEAR 2014 by the London Design Museum, and nominated to become BEST PRODUCT OF THE YEAR!
Exhibition open from 26th March!

Codespa Prize 2013

To close the year, we are happy to announce that last week HRH the Prince of Asturias handed us a Fundacion Codespa prize in the category of SME (small and medium enterprise) for the social involvement of the PET Lamp project.

PET Lamp in VitraHaus 2013

PET Lamp takes part of the Culture Club exhibition at the VitraHaus from September 2013 for one year long.

La Sala Vinçon, Barcelona 2013

Some pictures of our latest and biggest installation! La Sala Vinçon invaded by 99 PET Lamp. Open until 23rd November 2013 at VINÇON, Barcelona.

Dutch Design Week 2013

PET Lamp was exhibited at the Dutch Design Week in the Piet Hein Eek space in Eindhoven

Helsinki Design Week 2013

PET Lamp was exhibited at the Helsinki Design Week 2013.


Mondo Galeria, photo exhibition 2013

MONDO GALERÍA presents the first units of PET Lamp developed during the workshop in Bogotá 2012 together with the portraits of their artisans.

Cover in The Design Makers 2013

Who would have told Maria Estella Cuchillo that she would be cover of a Chinese magazine!

Show me Gallery 2013

Design & art gallery. Braga, Portugal. In an exhibition of designart (functional objects, where the designer is dedicated to the artistic exploration of the design).

Producto Fresco, Madrid 2013

A selection of recent products by Madrid designers and studios. At Matadero arts centre, Madrid-Spain

Casa Decor 2013

PET Lamp took part of CasaDecor 2013 decoration fair in Madrid as part of the Colorful space by Ynot? studio with a set of 21 lamps that were the protagonist of the space.

Fuera de Serie, Madrid 2013

Exhibition at Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid. Curated by Ana Dominguez.

Milan Furniture Fair 2013

Installation of set of 35 lamps at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, during Milan International Furniture Fair 2013

JustMad Design Fair 2013

The very first show of PET Lamp! A big set of Eperara Siapidara show in the Design-Art fair in Madrid