Production Crafts & Industry

From Madrid, our challenge as industrial designers is to transform this half-finished product, the lampshade created by artisans in Colombia, into a product ready to be sold on the market: the lamp.

Worldwide traditional weaving techniques meet the PET plastic bottle to create unique designs and provide a fresh innovative perspective about the PET reuse and a contemporary lighting element.

Every project has a research work behind it, since the lampshades designs conceived in Madrid respond to each weaving technique found across the world and stress the different materials nature.

We proudly created the magic moment when PET plastic stripes and natural fibres meet and perfectly fit together in order to turn into a long-lasting item. At the same time, we managed to change the artisans´ perspective about plastic waste, as they consider it an opportunity and a functional element harmoniously integrated into their handcrafts.

Since each lampshade is unique we chose to offer individual lamps as well as big installations that enhance the infinite variety of pieces.

Production Madrid headquarters

The studio, work offices and production workshop become a single place, which allows us to provide a more personalized customer service. Our clients may benefit from a customized selection of lamps and the possibility to receive a wide range of options according to their preferences.

On the other hand, our commitment is to buy a fixed regular quantity of lamps from the artisans which ensures them a regular income and activity. This constancy compels us to have a great stock regardless of the sales demand. Nonetheless, we are able to provide a fast sales process and manage an efficient quality control.

Production Components

As industrial designers, our products are intended to come out to the market and to include components in harmony with the concept and lampshades.

Avoiding becoming stylised, we wanted to keep the protagonism of such a recognizable and elegant part of the bottles as the bottle top and its neck. The transparency of this last part allows us to display a laser engraved metal ring that authenticates the lamp and allows the client to know the origin and story of each lampshade.

The choice of cable was fundamental to connect in a natural way the concept of the lampshade to the cylinder and to the different electrical components. In order to manage it, we decided on a textile cable, specially made for us, in 12 vivid colours and long enough in order to create a smooth curve in the air.

We have also incorporated a specific cylindrical rosette, made out of mechanised iron and later phosphated, like a black hole where all cables fall from. This special element for multiple installations does not only resolve the technical problem of the unique light spot but it also represents a harmonious and stylized central point of the whole installation.

Production Certifications

Our specialized production team is in charge of assembling the final pieces and prepare them and their packaging in order to be delivered under the best possible conditions. Our final products stand out for their custom-made components and precise installations which comply with the highest established standard. This allows the lamps to be installed for domestic use or in public spaces, such as stores, hotels, restaurants, etc.

All components play a fundamental role, as if it were a puzzle; no piece should be missing.

Production Packaging

We consider that packaging must be respectful with the core of the project. It does not only guarantee a safe delivery, but it is part of the project as packaging represents the very first impression. This is why we create and modify our own packaging so it suitably fits every lamp model inside, having a modular and strong structure. All of them are 100% recyclable and free of plastics. Our PET Lamp packaging has been thought and prepared to bring light to any corner of the world safely.